Halloween Results

Thanks for everyone who voted.   The results are below.  Many people added “Other” for their choice.  In order of actual neighborhoods, not counting those of you planning naughty things not safe to say in the poll the top three neighborhoods were that were just a couple of votes apart:

  1. Lincoln Park
  2. Bucktown
  3. Bridgeport

Lincoln Square and Lakeview are honorable mentions coming in after Bridgeport.

Notably, some said River North because of all the high rises their, you knock on a door every 5 feet for candy.  Gold Coast & Streeterville mentioned because the many stores and restaurants give out goodies.  Lincoln Square because of the Square events and participation of stores in the area,

In any case, no matter where you are be safe and enjoy yourself!  Hope you all have fun and Happy Halloween!!!

If anyone is in the neighborhood, I’m giving out king size Reese’s and Kit Kats but don’t be too long, as I may eat them all… =p