Homeownership carries many tax benefits, so be sure you’re taking advantage of these strategies at tax time: Mortgage Interest Deduction Interest you pay on a mortgage of up to $1 million — or $500,000 if you’re married filing separately — is deductible on Schedule A when you use the loan […]

Tax Time Tips

The newest Cost versus Value report has just been released. Leading in the midrange projects in Chicago are steel entry doors, garage door replacements, deck additions and stone veneer accents. Leading upscale projects were wood window replacements, garage door replacements and siding replacement. Unlike what television may have us believe, […]

Cost vs. Value

An independent audit last month revealed that the Federal Housing Administration had a $16.3 billion deficit ($30.3 billion in cash reserves as of Sept. 30 to cover $46.6 billion in projected losses), most of which, accounted for loans backed between 2007-2009.  Agency officials however have stressed that it has no […]

FHA’s Financial Woes

With banking institutions unfavorable to homeowners, regulators and policy makers Sandy Weill, the former Citigroup chairman and CEO credited with building the bank into a financial superpower, now says big banks should be split up. Read more at NBC News‘ site.  

Sandy Weill: Break up the banks

Let’s say you were a conservative, responsible homebuyer back in 2006, and made what, by all accounts, would be considered a conservative, responsible down payment of 20%. Since then, the average home price across Chicagoland has fallen by more than 30%, according to conservative estimates. Conservatively, that means a lot […]

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