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Some may have not thought about it, especially considering the great weather we have had the past couple of days.  However, with October around the corner, and winter up ahead many are getting ready for costlier energy bills.  With many facing economic constraints, many owners are pondering how to keep energy costs low and affordable before putting on multiple layers and a coat indoors.

A common step and potential mistake that many owners undertake is thinking the windows need replacing.  Replacing windows is a very costly step, and sometimes may not even be the root of the problem.  Owners can have their home reviewed by a building analyst who may also perform an energy audit or energy assessment as part of their inspection.  Floors, walls and ceilings is the leading contributor to air infiltration 31% of the time.

A building analyst differs slightly from a home inspector.  Although it is very common for a building analyst to be involved in a project that is commission it is not unusual for an existing home to conduct similar tests.

The energy audit can contain several tests to predict performance and identify issues with several issues:  pressurization, ventilation, heat gain/loss (building’s envelope), heat distribution, power consumption and moisture levels.  Should ask what the tests will involve, the costs and other services that are included before having an assessment performed.

Determining the current condition of the building’s envelope or the “tightness” of the seal around your building could significantly contribute to heat loss, and effectively energy costs.  Thermal scans can show where heat loss occurs and the assessment could make recommendations on how to address such issues.

Addressing the appropriate issues could not only minimize heat loss/gain, but possibly reduce your energy costs through the year.

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4 thoughts on “Staying Warm (without insane utility bills)

  • Will

    Could these test check insulation and how well my hvac performs? I know there are stickers that have efficiency when I upgraded hvac but have no reference point to it. Bills seem kind of high considering amount of sf in here.Maybe insulation wasnt properly installed?

  • Jda

    Can u do a post about bldg analyst and energy audit. I kno who home inspectors are but never heard of a analyst.

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